The EBF's mission is to represent and promote European Chambers of commerce and Industry through:

  • Strengthening the voice and position of the EU acting as a significant, respected and valued influencer of EU and Bangladesh affairs on all major economic issues.
  • Developing the participation of EU chambers in projects of value to business
  • Delivering services to our members and developing a European network of services for enterprises

Europe has been a long term supporter of Bangladesh, with continuing belief in the potential of both the people and the country. Our broad and positive engagement in Bangladesh over the decades reflects this throughout.

We have a wide range of common interests and the European Union works towards seeing a stable, prosperous and democratic Bangladesh. Whether it be building democracy, preparing for the impacts of climate change, countering threats to security, developing trade and investment or reducing poverty, there are many issues today for which partnership and co-operation between the two regions is vital.

Europe remains the key Bangladeshi export market and we warmly welcome further genuine business interest , Bangladesh still has much to offer, just as it has much to gain from Europe as a place of business expertise and partnership.

With a population of 147 million, substantial mineral resources, key export industries and a large and able work force, Bangladesh is a growing and confident country occupying a favourable location in South east Asia, itself a region with enormous potential. The varied project work of the EBF and our development programme, will be managed by a team of Executive Directors who are focused on supporting a successful partnership between EU countries and Bangladesh.

We know that potential members will be particularly interested in the services that the EBF has to offer for both business and professional assistance and we welcome you to contact us and of course join and support our association.

Finally, let us finish by saying that we feel tremendously proud to be the founder Joint Presidents and look forward immensely to the task of building even closer ties between the EU & Bangladesh.

We are very grateful to those who have given their time in establishing this fine organisation the EBF,

Come and join us.


Dr Wali Uddin, MBE FRSA D.Litt
Fred Oldenhuizing